DO Import Release

The DO Online application is mandated by Ministerial Regulation 120 of 2017 concerning Electronic Order Delivery Services for imported goods at ports. This system is implemented with the aim of accelerating the export-import process of goods, increasing Indonesia’s competitiveness, increasing efficiency and free of corruption.

The Electronic Order System or Delivery Order Online (DO Online) has been fully implemented starting last October 2019. Consequently, sanctions will be imposed for those who violate.

The four ports are Belawan Port, Tanjung Priok, Tanjung Perak and Makassar as well as Tanjung Emas Port – Semarang. Implementing the DO Online system can reduce operating costs between 20 percent and 30 percent.

On behalf of shipping lines we can provide integrated system that connect shipping lines data with terminal operator data automatically. We already participated in four main ports.